TattoosNFTs creates a value for hand crafted Tattoo designs on the blockchain created by Artist Winston Torr aka Notsniw.

TattoosNFTs offer tattoo designs as NFTs first. Each issued TattoosNFTs design is valid for only 1 tattoo application.

TattoosNFTs designs may NOT be used for any commercial or monetizing purposes.

The owner of each authentic TattoosNFTs has the right to have the design applied as a tattoo by any tattooer.

TattoosNFTs does not supply the application nor the tattooer.

The owner of the TattoosNFTs design may NOT alter the design, but may make choices on size, colour fills and shading of tattoo.

All TattoosNFTs come with a high resolution downloadable file link revealed under Unlockable Content.

TattoosNFTs are collectible, tradable, and re-sellable in the secondary market.