Superhero Butts

From superheros to popular iconic figures of the social media world, throughout tabloids and gossip, in a virtue of sight, sound, touch, and smell, butts of the above mentioned deem rare and a sin to be seen in the public eye. An ongoing series, collectable “Superhero Butts” are a celebration of the finest past, present, and future bottoms!

A short history on Superhero Butts: (scroll down to get to the artworks)
As a child I have been always fascinated how butts of Superheros look like, mainly because my butt was the only part of my body I visually could not see in real life without a reflection. This frustrated me. I was into Superheros as a child, and so I also wondered why Superheros only had fronts. I doodled Superhero Butts to laugh. I really wish I had these doodles to share today. As the years progress this topic stuck to me. I still have not found anything that resembled my Superhero Butts doodles, so in 2016 I decided to doodle my first official Superhero Butts Artwork. I really wanted this as a coffee mug, so then I accidentally dived into the POD (Print on Demand) world.

From this day on, I became super infatuated with butts to create an ongoing series Superhero Butts. And the rest is history. Follow for stories and fun animated NFTs on Instagram and Twitter, as well as NFT drops on