Naughty Lightsabers

Naughty Lightsabers is a Game on the blockchain invented by Notsniw.

Suggest a character, any character, for example, a Star Wars character, another TV or Movie character, a President, Model, Actor, Pet, Family member or friend, etc, then I will draw it with a Naughty Lightsaber and make a 1/1 NFT for you.

Naughty Lightsabers are a cheeky tribute to Star Wars. Help them find a home! I originally started with 19 of the Star Wars characters. These are the originals. From here I will create other characters with their own Naughty Lightsabers.

Eventually each character may be mashed with another character to create an offspring creating a Naughty Lightsaber Metaverse.

Each single character is 1/1
Naughty Lightsabers with all original 19 Characters on rotation is 1000/1000.